I know what this means and my reaction was a simple one, i shrugged. Things will mostly run as normal, there is nothing to fear. This is the same as Facebook getting in on Oculus Rift, people just have a stupid notion of attaching feelings for one thing to another when it gets bought off. In the long run, 3-4+years,… » 9/15/14 6:41pm Monday 6:41pm

The biggest problem is that Heartstone having no interrupts prompts gameplay that focuses on doing the most damage in one single turn. It's a core facet of the design that will plague any balances. Sure a controlling game where you're actually fighting is fun, but unless you're going to implement a whole MTG-style… » 9/12/14 2:35pm Friday 2:35pm

My absolute first encounter with the 'gamers at large' in real life aside from people in my social circles was at Gamescom last year. It was fucking terrible. I was ashamed to call myself a gamer after that, and i truly love video games, as entertainment, as art, but here i am, unable to call myself by definition 'one… » 8/29/14 2:25am 8/29/14 2:25am

On the other hand, we've had so many gruff stereotypical space marine voice overs that it REALLY takes a shining performance to take it to the next level. While Hale did a great job, even a less adequate VO would still have seemed to be better praised just because it would sound new and fresh. » 8/14/14 6:15am 8/14/14 6:15am

That lead-up, sequence and consequence basically is my utter favorite experience in video gaming history. It wasn't a choice you can just quickload through... it really was a deeply involving choice that allowed you to follow your principles without offering an immediate consequence. Dealing with what you done in such… » 8/10/14 5:00am 8/10/14 5:00am