Please tell me i'm not the only one... #CES

... that thinks the Razer concept for Project Christine is absolutely abysmal and made absolutely and purely as a marketing gimmick with zero real life application what so ever. Really, it's a blatant lie and i feel insulted beyond belief. I feel sorry for the poor schmucks that don't know enough to see how surreal this is.

Let's take it from the top:

1) Modularity. This is the biggest lie. Absolutely biggest lie they could toss at anyone. You have the CPU and the RAM in the same 'piece', aswell as the motherboard, ofcourse, so bascially a very plump round minimum 1k USD board upgrade. If you want to add an extra 4GB of RAM... REPLACE THE WHOLE BOARD, probably for the 1.5k USD one since we are talking Razer. PSU is also tied in the same slot with the cooling system. I'd LOVE to see how you can change that without having all the mineral oil drip and have to replace. More below.


2) Mineral oil. It needs to be replaced. And let's ignore the concept of wearing seals and such which will add maintenance to a supposedly maintenance free system.

3) Performance. Unless they're insane and using optical cabling or expensive connectics, though for this stunt they just might, with full speed PCIe transfer you struggle to not bottleneck a performance system. Really, we're talking cables that are worth about the same as one video card. And what parts? I doubt they'll jam it full of enthusiast-level gear, so you'll NOT be getting the 'top of the top' that is promoted. And then someone will spaz out that they're getting 50 average FPS instead of 70 FPS like that one dude on

4) Upgradeability and compatibility. Considering you are getting a pack RAM/CPU/MOBO i assume they'll shoot off 6-8 variations per tech-cycle. Either way, it's possible the new mobo will not have the same connectics so you'll also have to replace the modular rear/front panel, and since Razer is not making its own parts, though licensing through Foxconn might be a thing, just.. and let's not talk SLI.. but... i'm sorry, i don't feel that it's even worth to type this out. It's ridiculous to consider from both a technical and a logistics point of view. And the ridiculous 'subscription' model? HAHAHAHA no.

This is just a stagepiece for people to gawk over, tweet, and whatever else social people do these days, in order for Razer to increase their own brand awareness and image. But unlike other concepts this one is so far from reality that it might as well promote it with The Hobbit.


In the meanwhile useful future-tech like Nvidia'sG-Sync which is restructuring an entire branch of monitor design and production to improve something that most people don't even really realize is getting slammed horribly and compared to ATI/AMD's Mantle in a horrible way. Mantle will increase 45% performance in Battlefield 4!!! Sure. Now we just need to get developers to add additional development cycles to use Mantle aside from DirectX/OpenGL, or just make it Mantle-specific and force you to use an AMD/ATI card, since i really doubt they'll offer support to Nvidia in the first few years.


They just are trying to subtly enforce a standard that will move all the shares on their side. They could have done this ages ago. Why now? Since both consoles, PS4/Xbone use ATI graphics solutions. So it's a no brainer to code in Mantle support, and for consoles exclusives, why bother doing other APIs? This is their last push to crush Nvidia in the gaming market. Not that i approve of Nvidia's hogging of the G-Sync tech, but they are doing a LOT more footwork and tossing in a lot more cash and influence to get that done and working than ATI is doing for Mantle. Either way, Nvidia's push with the new Tegra got it some legroom as good news.

Right. How did ATI/Nvidia get in this rant? Well, might as well. You know what i really effin loved?


The Rift. I sat in line three times at gamescom last year to test it out for a total of 15 minutes and it was SO worth it, but i fully agree with them on the limitations it has to push over to be fully realized and ready for the consumer market. The move to OLED is amazing and i was hoping to kingdom come that this will happen. Thank God for the 75m investment. They dropped the latency to 30ms, which is outstanding, and i think they still want it pushed under 10ms (*edit 20ms). While i don't particularily get a stiffy for the need of the camera for headtracking, when other less intrusive solutions exist, like high sensitivity variable light sensors arranged in the same configuration to judge the position of the head from the amount of light variance hitting the various sensors. Sure you'll need to play with atleast one light source, window included, and any turn on/off of light sources in the room will screw it up, but it won't be 'another' device to get another one to work.


In any case, my faith in the Rift is quite at an all time high. I'll love to see what they come up with. And since i started, i guess i can finish up a CES review. With what else:


Steambox. No one knows why anyone would buy a Steambox. I guarantee it'll sell. Simply because it's a console without being a console, and since it also is a console. If it makes /any/ sense what so ever. It'll sell itself right beside the PS4 and the Xbone, and it won't sell to anyone that has really heard or cared about it before. Not that i fully trust it, since third parties have and will inflate the price horribly for prebuilts, but at least the controller, that one i'd want even for myself. Valve seems to be putting a lot of stock in this so i guess we'll see, a push is still a push.

Last thing, Android in cars. This marks the end of the 'mobile' OS war with Apple imho. Android is the way forward in terms of any kind of smart device software backbone.


And damn you CES with all your bendable TV's, give me my damned wearable bracer/tablet convertible already. Sort of like picture but not really, too SF. Take all my money just so i could have whatever i want in terms of screensaver running looped on my arm while i'm in the subway. Then bam, i take it off, use it as a standard tablet to browse the net, then put it back on while i'm moving around and still read Google Maps off it if i want. I want this so bad.


Done. I promise. Got it all out of my system.

~ Cosmo

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